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affections will turn to tyranny and selfishness. For
this reason, it is well to have one's eye on a distant star
rather than on any landmark on the earth's surface,,
If God is like the great counter-magnet, pulling against
the world, all our other desires and fervours and attach-
ments will be richer and will find their proper place.

But under God this Love has no object save human
personalities ;• indeed, as we have seen, we are in a
realm where only personality really exists. Not things
or abstract nouns or other causes can ever be the end;
and it does not matter if the abstract noun is " righteous-
ness " itself; for in the terrestrial realm Christianity
knows no righteousness save this seal for human souls.
Actual live human beings are to be taken as the values
in the world because they are souls meant for eternity*
It is the end of the hunt for values—for abstract values
that are supposed to matter more than human souls.
No other ethic can preserve the high valuation of
human personality; no other ethic can escape either
subordinating people to something else or weakly
stating that each human being lives for himself alone,
No other ethic can unite human beings in societies by
a process which—as in the case of Love—is itself an
actual heightening of personality. It is not meaningless
but it is a real safeguard to say, then, that human beitigs
exist for the glory of God. And it is no mere sentimen-
tality but an essential piece of strategy to say that the sum
of the whole is Love, which sum is God Himself.